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Stainless Steel Fencing’s Many Applications for Your Home

Wednesday, December 10, 2014 admin 0 Comments


Fencing is more than just something that forms a border around an area. It is a design that can enhance the overall look and sophistication of your home. It can also provide safety and security especially in stairways, balconies and pool areas. Wood fences are among the common materials use in homes. Lately, however, there has been an increasing interest in fencing made from metal. Most homeowners nowadays prefer stainless steel fencing.
A lot of designers are incorporating stainless steel into their modern home designs. Stainless steel brings a simple attractiveness because of its aesthetically sophisticated appeal. The material has a very consistent colour that makes it easy for the designer to work with.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Fences

For homeowners, one big advantage they will gain from using stainless steel is durability. Apart from that, it is also very easy and less expensive to maintain. This is because stainless steel does not require expensive special cleaner during regular maintenance. It can resist rust and corrosion to a certain degree. Unlike wooden fences, they are not vulnerable to rot or insect infestation. Cleaning stainless steel fences is also very easy. You just need to wipe the fence using cotton or cloth with mild soap and water. After that, rinse the steel thoroughly.

Maintenance of Stainless Steel Fences

With proper care, a stainless steel fence will keep a long lasting aesthetic and lustrous appeal. However, if exposed to some harmful chemicals, stainless steel can be discoloured or damaged. These harmful elements include a bleach or a hydrochloric acid containing cleaner. Soap scum that is left to dry on the fence surface can also damage the steel as well as water with a high level of iron content. It is highly suggested to avoid exposing stainless steel fences to these harmful substances to avoid discoloration or corrosion.

Normal cleaning only requires mild soap and clean water. However, if you notice corrosion or discolouration that is starting to form, remove it right away using a cleaner that is specially formulated for stainless steel. Do not use abrasive cleaning materials like sand paper or steel wool. Discolouration that has been left unchecked over a long period of time can damage the steel permanently. If you clean your fence regularly with the right cleaning agent and materials, then damage can be possibly avoided.

Uses of Stainless Steel Fences

A stainless steel fence is a perfect fencing for your swimming pool area. Wooden fences can deteriorate easily because of the humid environment around the pool. The moisture on the wood can cause it to rot. On the other hand, stainless steel can withstand harsh environmental conditions. You just need to be extra careful when treating your pool with chlorine. This substance can discolour stainless steel. Yet, regular cleaning can prevent damage or corrosion from taking place.

Stainless steel fencing can also be a great application to the home’s interior. For a modern home design that incorporates a loft, a stainless steel fence can be a nice complement. They can also be used for fencing or balustrading the stairways and balconies. Stainless steel can also be useful to protect gardens from hungry critters. A stainless steel wire can make a perfect garden fencing. They will not rust easily and are extremely durable. Designs vary widely. You can choose a combination of wood and metal or depending on your personal taste.

If you are interested in stainless steel fencing, be sure to find an experienced contractor to install the fence properly. Building a fence out of stainless steel requires a different skill set. The installation procedures for stainless steel are quite different from a wooden fence. Check on previous stainless steel installation projects that the contractor has done. Look on his references and see how satisfied his previous clients are.

A fence made of stainless steel can enhance your home in so many ways. Scan on various home designs magazines to get different aesthetic stainless steel designs. Better yet, check on the internet for various styles and ideas on how a stainless steel fence can add that special touch to your home.

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