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Why Steel City Stainless Is The Name In Stainless Steel Newcastle Trusts?

Tuesday, February 24, 2015 admin 0 Comments

Everyone likes to invest in their home, whether to repair and improve plumbing, electrics or other utility systems or to bring the home into the 21st century with a more modern design, inside and out. Amongst the favourite materials for the job in Australia is stainless steel and Newcastle is a city that knows steel.

For more than 45 years, Steel City Stainless has been providing excellent stainless steel products. These are not only of the highest quality but are also custom made to the specific designs of each of our clients. Our range is pretty extensive, offering everything from pool fencing to grates to steel balustrades to Newcastle homeowners and beyond.

Over the decades, we have built a reputation as the foremost name in stainless steel products. Our reputation is built on the quality of the steel we use, the reliability in meeting our custom design briefs and the overall quality of our work.

It’s easy to claim a quality product, but here at Steel City Stainless we take the promise very seriously. This is why we are committed to guarantee the highest quality work done. Not to mention, the highest level of client satisfaction – every time.

Our Quality Guarantee

There are several reasons why high quality work is something our clients can bank on, not least the skill and experience of our team. But a key reason is our use of 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. Newcastle is a coastal city and the salt-air of the prevailing marine environment can be highly corrosive to metals. But the specific makeup of this molybdenum-alloyed steel means:

● It has a greater resistance to corrosion
● It’s less responsive to magnetic fields
● It’s safer because it’s a poor conductor of heat and electricity
● It’s durability and strength makes it ideal for homes and offices alike

The Steel City Stainless Product Range

1. Glass Pool Fencing – Main of high quality stainless steel Newcastle homeowners with swimming pools seek the stylish modern appearance of glass pool fencing to safely segregate the area from the rest of the back patio area. It’s perfect for families with small kids.

As the name suggests, glass sheets are used to create the wall, but there are 3 types available:

○ Framed – This has a stainless steel frame around each sheet of glass. The frame comprises of a vertical cylindrical poles (balusters) with a single cylindrical pole stretching along the top. A spigot secured to or imbedded into the ground holds the glass in place.
○ Frameless – This is more elegant as it includes no vertical poles or horizontal top, offering the minimum obscurity possible in the process. A narrow waterproof glass seal is the only discrete break in the glass wall, with spigots in the ground securing the glass firmly.
○ Semi-Frameless Fences – This uses a series of narrow vertical poles (balusters) to hold the glass firmly, with the spigots on the ground. The balusters are often flat and slim-line, with slots into which the glass slides. There is no horizontal pole along the top.

2. Steel Benchtops – Commonly associated with commercial kitchen areas, stainless steel benchtops are hugely popular as outdoor food preparation areas. Practically indestructible, their iron-carbon alloy will never corrode. They are also stain proof, heat proof and chip proof. They are easy to clean, too. They’re becoming increasingly popular in minimalist home kitchen designs. They are also a perfect match for the stainless steel exterior of fridge freezers, ovens, stoves and furniture.

3. Steel Balustrades – Newcastle homeowners have long been enamored with the style that steel balustrades can bring to a modern home. In terms of design principles, all balustrades are pretty similar. They have a series of individual balusters (vertical poles) positioned uniformly to close off balconies (indoor or outdoor), stairways and specific areas. The main design options feature:

○ Vertical Steel Balusters – This is where the enclosing wall is created by vertical poles with only a narrow space between each. It’s a distinctive contemporary version of the old picket fence. It fits in perfectly with the modern home or office design. Available with or without a top banister, it closes off an area while keeping the space open.
○ Horizontal Steel Poles – A popular version of steel balustrades in Newcastle. This design sees the balusters spaces generously apart. It has anything from 8 to 12 narrow steel poles running horizontally and parallel under a thicker banister pole, acting as a handrail. They are popular for outdoor balconies.
○ Wire Ropes – An alternative to horizontal poles in stainless steel, Newcastle homeowners are increasingly choosing wires. Again, these run parallel to a thick steel banister handrail. The modest diametre of the wires makes them effective for closing off stairwell entrances, while keeping the space open.
○ Glass & Steel – Another alternative form of wall, glass is used to block the gaps along the balustrade but only for 50% to 70% of the designated height. The upper area is blocked with horizontal steel poles. They are also popular for outdoor balconies.
○ Floating Banister – This is perfect for indoor stairways. It is technically not a balustrade at all as there are no vertical balusters used. Instead, sheets of durable glass run along the length of the stairway, attached to steps with discreet but strong steel bolts. A single steel banister is also attached, giving it the appearance of ‘floating’. The glass can be decorated as wished using film.

4. Steel Grates – Who ever said practical cannot be stylish, too? Made of high quality stainless steel, Newcastle homes can choose from a variety of decorative grate designs to cover their drains. Whether around a swimming pool, in the shower and along pavements or driveways, you can select waves. These range from straight grills or simple square to round holes or even to narrow open steel-lined drained embedded in paving.

Leaders in Stainless Steel in Newcastle

At Steel City Stainless, we have been called upon thousands of times to design and install stainless steel features at both homes and offices around Newcastle and its satellite communities. We are experts in both indoor and outdoor projects. We are a team of experienced personnel who travel on-site to take free measurements before issuing a quote.

Regardless of the size of the job, we ensure everything is done to the highest possible standards, from the design to specific requirements to the prompt installation. That way, we know our clients are guaranteed of the best quality work that will totally make them happy and satisfied. We are also one of the few stainless steel firms in Newcastle that provide ongoing support serviced. We make a point of being free to answer any queries you might have and offer advice we reckon will help with your project.

For more details about Steel City Stainless and our range of custom designed products and features, simply contact us on (02) 4950-9047, or email us via our website. We’ll be glad to tell you more.

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